How To Rent Vacation by Owner
  • The Essentials of Owning and Renting Vacation Properties (DVD)

    If you’re like most people, the thought of buying a second home for pure pleasure is a pipe dream. Christine Karpinsk’s video tutorial will show you how to purchase and turn a vacation home into an investment property that will give you POSITIVE CASH FLOW for a lifetime.

    By sharing your dream home with others and managing it yourself (instead of paying huge commissions and fees to a management company) you’ll be able to pay the mortgage, the taxes, the utilities, the maintenance…and still end up with money in your bank account at the end of the month.  Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Few stock portfolios let you do that! L

    In this video, you’ll get all the knowledge and information you need to buy, finance, and manage your vacation properties and make money doing it.   This video offers the practical advice on:

    • How to shop for vacation real estate
    • Crunch the numbers
    • You own it; Now What
    • How to organize your bookings, payments and accounting for your property
    • How to screen guests and find the “ideal renters”
    • How to take reservations, rental contracts, payment methods and schedules
    • How to set up sales tax accounts and how to file
    • How to handle keys
    • How to structure your pricing
    • How to handle maintenance from miles away
    • How to handle problem renters
    • Things to do that will make your guests want to return
    • Furnishing your property, with both large furnishings and supplies
    • How to network with other owners


Christine photoFor nearly 15 years, Christine Karpinski has had one focus: the vacation rental industry. She’s an author, speaker, podcast host and expert in the field. Christine's full bio »

How to Rent by Owner

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