How To Rent Vacation by Owner
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    Reviews from past guests are an important aspect of vacation rental marketing.  Christine found that rather than a guest book with blank pages, it’s better to give the guests probing questions that will get their creative juices flowing.  And for this reason, Christine uses these guest books in all of her properties.

    Dimensions : 7.5″ x 9″ inches

    Hardcover, Page Count : 200

    This guest book is a great way to encourage guests to leave comments and feedback about their stay in your home.   Instead of blank pages, it asks leading questions like:

    The GuestbookWhere are you visiting from?

    How was the weather?

    Favorite Memories?

    Restaurants, shopping, entertainment you would recommend?

    Help your guests to think of what to write. It collects much more than just names and addresses.  This book will become your most valuable possession in your home.

Christine photoFor nearly 15 years, Christine Karpinski has had one focus: the vacation rental industry. She‚Äôs an author, speaker, podcast host and expert in the field. Christine's full bio »

How to Rent by Owner

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