How To Rent Vacation by Owner

How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner

If your dream is to own a vacation home – and not break your bank account – this is what you’ve been looking for. Author and speaker Christine Karpinski offers you practical, hands on advice, showing you how to rent your second home without a property management company so you can keep 100% of the income. Not only will you have realistic strategies for your renters to pay your mortgage – you’ll also enjoy several weeks a year in that little slice of paradise with your friends and family.

The concept of ‘Renting by Owner’ is catching fire throughout the nation. Whether you want a beachside condo in Florida, a ski chalet in Colorado, or anything in between, the answers are all herein this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide. Vacation homes are no longer just for the wealthy. Start enjoying the benefits of your own marvelous home away from home. It can even be a legacy you leave behind for your children. Just make that first move. You’ll be amazed by how much potential is within your reach – right now.

Now you can learn my step-by-step process for locating, financing, marketing, advertising and most importantly, managing your own vacation rental. You don’t have to be rich or a real estate expert. What you need is expert advice and well-researched information that’s easy to follow and use.

That’s what you’ll find in my book How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner, Third Edition. 384 pages of comprehensive information that you’ll refer to over and over again.

Christine shares her proven system for successful self-management and guides you through the process of turning your rental into a money making investment. Her book is an excellent resource that you’ll refer to now and many times over.

How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner REVEALS :

*How to “buy” a mortgage (page 33)
*You can use an IRA to purchase rental property (page 43)
*A quick and easy formula to determine profitability (page 50)
*When you should not buy a property (page 69)
*Things to know when a friend says, “Let’s buy it together!” (page 85)
*It’s contagious! Buying multiple properties (page 108)
*What about buying OUTSIDE the US? (Page 120)
*The most difficult aspect of renting by owner (page 63)
*The 4 types of internet advertising venues (page 141)
*Is it worth the time and expense to register a domain name? (page 147)
*How to find out if a rental web site is good for your area (page 151)
*The 11 elements for a great web page (page 153)
*10 proven words that get attention (page 169)
*How to improve your photos with this one handy item (page 174)
*What to say when friends want to use your property “free” (page 200)
*What you should do every time you receive a payment (page 209)
*How to screen inquiries to get the best renters (page 215)
*If you accept these “guests,” you’ll increase rentals 10-50% (page 195)
*the best time of the year to raise your rates (page 199)
*Don’t fall victim to a scam (page 218)
*9 things to improve bookings (page 229)
*Do you need to charge tax on cleaning fees? (page 270)
*How do guests get into my home (page 275)
*Why you need a lockbox when you use electronic locks (page 278)
*How condo owners can find a good maintenance person (page 288)
*How a family photo can deter theft and damage (page 296)
*The best low cost item you can provide to your guests (page 309)
*What to say to renters if they break a household item (page 318)
*Tips to find last-minute renters to fill cancellations (page 320)
*How to avoid complaints about cleanliness (page 323)
*How to meet other owners in your area (page 334)
*Sample Rental Agreements (page 341)
*Discount Codes for, (, and others (page 366)

Foreword by Real Estate columnist Broderick Perkins

Another option: the 
How to Rent by Owner Seminar DVD
; nearly three hours of real seminar video condensed into a convenient visual format. Finally to bring it all together, the Rental Organizer – a portable system for managing your rentals and having everything right at your fingertips!

Christine photoFor nearly 15 years, Christine Karpinski has had one focus: the vacation rental industry. She’s an author, speaker, podcast host and expert in the field. Christine's full bio »

How to Rent by Owner

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